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Road Tubeless Kit - 2 pack

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Easton Tubeless Kits are designed to work with our tubeless ready Arc rims and Heist wheels, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of a tubeless setup: less flats and a reduction in weight. Each kit comes with two removable core valves with removal tools, and enough tubeless tape for two 29” wheels. Easton tubeless valves have been designed for optimal seal with the shape of Easton rims and a have removable valve core for easy sealant application. Easton tubeless tape comes in various widths to match the internal width of your rims for a better seal and improved fit between rim and tire. Tape weighs 9-grams per wheel. Valves weigh 6.4-grams each.

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Product Features

  • Tape for 2x 700c Wheels
  • Two Removable Valves + Cores
  • Valve Core Tool


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